Ashber Farm

Home of Top winning Australian Shepherds and English Mastiffs, where form meets function. WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE in Temperment, health, beauty, intelligence, and longevity. Our dogs are first & foremost loving companions and members of our family. We breed seldom as we breed for quality and not quantity in our puppies. We are located in Washington State (WA), and are proud members of USASA, ASCA, CASC, WWASA, MCOA, and CEMC.
Contact Us: (360) 692-1260

We at Ashber Farms truly believe in quality nutrition for our dogs. They, as all pets, need to fed food that comes from a company that has the dogs' best interests at heart. Every bag of food and every item that is made is all from the best of the best ingredients. Please go to the website purepetsupply and look at the amazing food and wonderful products offered. You can compare your food and see what you think! You can order right on the site and the food will come right to your door. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the food or other products! I'd be very happy to help.